Ross Learning System 

Ross Learning System (RLS) is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary curriculum system for pre-nursery–postgraduate learners and their teachers. With an emphasis on sustainability and a dynamical systems thinking perspective, RLS prepares students to address the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly complex, globally connected future. Focusing on interdisciplinary and metacognitive educational practices, Ross Learning System creates engaged learners capable of deep understandings, creative thinking, and innovative approaches to problem solving.

Based on over two decades of educational research and practical implementation, Ross Learning System offers curriculum across eight integrated disciplines: Cultural History, World Languages and Literature, Science, Mathematics, Media Studies and Technology, Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Wellness. Within these courses, more than 500 interdisciplinary and discipline-specific units are available for students from early childhood to post-graduate level. Each unit provides learning experiences, assessments, integrated projects, and all student and teacher resources necessary to teach the Ross Spiral Curriculum. RLS is fully aligned to national and international standards and will provide benchmark and end-of-year exams to track student growth and progress against external and internal measures.                           

The RLS platform includes the full Spiral Curriculum, the Interactive Spiral, Histomaps, and customized professional development resources. The digital format allows users to access and interact deeply and dynamically with RLS anywhere, at any time. Using taxonomy, dynamic indexing, reverse backlinks, gamification, and game mechanics, RLS customizes students’ learning experiences, creating a personalized journey based on individual engagement, performance, and growth.

Curriculum in Action